A Comment on December 4th

Jay-Z’s song “December 4th” is one of the most personal experiences I have ever heard put to music. It is easy to think that someone is putting themselves out there when they perform a love song or something like that, but through this piece, Jay-Z is showing us who he really is behind the showman and performer that we know. He details his experiences as a troubled kid, abandoned by his father, turning to a life of drug dealing. But somehow, unlike most kids in his position, he avoided it because he knew that he wanted to do something else.
The interjections from Jay-Z/s mother are a nice touch as well. It lends a personal side to the song from the eyes of a spectator, a third party if you will, but a source that accentuates the story being told rather than hindering it. In using his mother in this song, Jay-Z is showing his audience that this song is not meant to entertain. It is meant to be an introspection, and a reminder that you can accomplish anything so long as you can try.

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