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Midnight’s Children: Unit Overview

The centerpiece of the second half of our course is Salman Rushdie’s sprawling 1980 novel, Midnight’s Children. Over the course of three weeks, you will prepare a 5-7 minute micro-presentation to deliver in class. That presentation will be paired with a post on the course blog that combines the close reading skills you’ve practiced in previous blog posts with an additional layer of informal, multimedia research.

The conversation you begin will be extended by comments on the blog. Everyone will contribute one comment that critically evaluates the close reading presented in the original post and recommends additional resources (web or print) that relate to the post and related presentation. You can add your comment at any point during the three-week unit.


“In A Station of the Metro” by Ezra Pound

The apparition      of these faces      in the crowd :
Petals      on a wet, black      bough .

SOURCE: Pound, Ezra. “In a Station of the Metro.” Poetry: A Magazine of Verse (April 1913): 12. Rpt. in Poetry Foundation online archive. JStor. Web.


Subway Station. Paris, “Gare de Lyon” station, circa 1900. 

Subway Station. Paris, “Gare de Lyon” station, circa 1900.