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The Accident

“If this was Hu Caoxing, he was really on his game. The cop listened for a while and then gave me a hard look before walking away from the crowd to continue the conversation. He came back less than two minutes later with a totally different attitude.

He said nothing to me. Instead he addressed himself directly to the farmer.” – Page 2

In this particular passage, the cops are showing up because of the accident that has occurred on the street. When the cops show up, Old Wei does get a bit nervous, but then immediately calls someone he knows (perhaps a friend or collegue) who is names Hu Caoxing. Hu Caoxing acts as a way for Old Wei to get out of trouble with the cops. Perhaps Hu Caoxing has some type of special connection to the law enforcement, so Wei thinks calling him will help in the situation, which we find DOES happen. When the cop gets a call from Hu Caoxing, he automatically refocuses his attention to the other driver that fell off the motorbike, and not Old Wei.

When I find interesting about this whole situation is that even though Old Wei is a lawyer himself, he still needs to make a call in order to get out of trouble with the cops. One would think that someone who works in such a prestigious field as law would own up to being somewhat at fault right from the get-go. However, it is not until later (the very end of the article actually) that Wei admits he may have been a little at fault. Also, I would think that as a lawyer, Wei would handle the entire accident with a little more class than he did. He responded “Fuck YOU” to the poor man when he found out that he was driving without a liscense. I feel that if I were Wei, I would have been a lot more sensitive to someone who could have possibly been seriously injured, and I would not put so much emphasis on if he had a liscense or not until I knew that he was ok.